Digital Asset Investing

Access digital markets using synthetic prime brokerage and total return swaps. SwapGlobal is backed by and designed for institutional investors.

Frictionless trading of digital assets

Operational Ease.

Just move U.S. dollars (or other currencies) T+1 like any other swap product. You don't need to secure crypto wallets, run blockchain nodes, navigate custody, or manage multiple connections to trading venues.

Capital Efficency.

Reduce capital requirements and counterparty risk by posting a fraction of transaction notional upfront as initial margin. Ongoing variation margin is then sent & received daily.

Hassle-Free Compliance.

Simplify your compliance requirements and regulatory adherence (such as qualified custody and CFTC reporting) by transacting under a synthetic framework. Access onshore and offshore venues without additional overhead.

Our investors

Reciprocal Ventures
Elevated Returns - XSpring
BH Digital
Cantor Fitzgerald
Circle Ventures
Recharge - Omakase
Witter Family Office
BlockFi Ventures

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